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Process For Maintenance

    • Communication is an essential part of our E-commerce Development process.
    • We communicate our e-commerce development details with clients during weekly/ daily meetings.
    • Email and Skype communication as needed

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    • The development carries out after tasks taken from Project Management Board.
    • We create a separate Shopify instance or test template as per project requirements.
    • Post User Acceptance testing, the tasks will be pushed to production.
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    • The Development team conducts the first round of testing.
    • The project manager review during the second round and share with the client for UAT
    • The tasks get deployed on production post-UAT clearance.
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Process For New Project

    • The integrations, features list and possibilities are being discussed during this phase.
    • It is an essential phase where the development of user stories takes place.
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Graphic Design
    • The creative team create wireframe and interactive designs.
    • It’s an essential phase where design creation work implements on screens.
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    • The ongoing and upcoming tasks discussion at this point between the project manager and the client.
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    • Tasks from the project management board will be taken up and development carried out.
    • Development will be carried out on either the test template or a separate shopify instance as per the requirements.
    • Post UAT, tasks will be pushed to production.
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    • First round of testing will be conducted by the development team.
    • Second and final round of review will be carried out by the project manager and subsequently shared with the client for UAT.
    • Once UAT is cleared, tasks will deployed on production.
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Our Services

B2B Marketplaces

Where one business connects with other businesses for buying and sellin

B2C E-Commerce Platforms

The businesses will be enabled to sell services to online consumers using Big Commerce, Woo-commerce and Magento.

E-Commerce Website Development

Setting up Content Management System and configuration with popular platforms like Magento and Shopify etc.

E-Commerce Platform Migration

Transferring online stores between platforms i.e.: Migrating a store from Shopify to Magento.

Custom E-Commerce Design & Development

It includes the creation of a customized online store using technologies like Javascript, PHP, CSS and HTML

CMS Integration

Integration of platform to manage orders, product listing or managing customer data.

API Integration

API integration to connect Shipping providers, CRM Systems, Inventory Management Systems and Shipping Providers.

Custom Plugin Development

Creation of Custom plugins to add new functionality which is not available in the box version of the platform.

Our Expertise Across Various Industries

Our team of experienced professionals have the skills and knowledge to develop custom e-commerce solutions that meet the unique needs of each industry.

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Our Mobile App Development Services

We have provided some basic Questions and answers related to the Ecommerce Development process. You can contact us 24*7 for any queries.

Will your online store bring enhanced mobile performance?

Yes, it will. We will deliver mobile friendly store as it is critical to online success.

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When will my store go live?
How I will be kept in the development loop?
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